Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Josh Redrup / Palm Reader

Name: Josh Redrup

Band: Palm Reader (

Where: Neath, Wales.

ED: Palm Reader are rad. I like Palm Reader a lot. So much to say that, along with Chick Rides Artist, they're one of my favourite UK bands of 2012. I once threw grated cheese at them in Weymouth. It's an "in" joke, you had to be there.

I’m Josh, I play bass in Palm Reader.

We’ve had a few interesting incidents with promoters, one promoter actually offered to stick chillies up our arses after he’d climbed across the roof of his flat. We respectfully declined.

One of the worst we’ve encountered so far was on our first tour with Let’s Talk Daggers. We’d been stuck in traffic from Salisbury for about 5 hours. To top it off our singer Josh was having a problem with his voice due to illness and we were in Neath, Wales; no offense to anyone that lives there but Neath is a fucking horrible place. 

The venue was a pool hall/social club in the centre of town with possibly the worst smelling toilets known to man. Props to Jamie from Let’s Talk Daggers for still managing to bust one out in there.

After a fuck up with power sources (there weren’t any) we played... ish.

We played 2 songs before being told that we could only play 1 more due to time. If you’re putting on a show in the middle of the week, for fucks sake, don’t make it a 7 band bill in a venue with a 10:30pm curfew. 

The other bands played, we packed up and attempted to sort payment. We were on a pretty basic and reasonable guarantee for 2 bands. We were handed £20 between us and told that’s all he had, so in true Spinal Tap fashion we marched him to a cash point. Turns out he literally had no money at all. We’d essentially traveled about 5 hours to play 3 songs and not get paid. Rad.

I’d like to say the saving grace of it all was that we played to a packed out crowd but...


Turns out literally no one had come in and after speaking to someone we found out the guy had done no promotion what so ever. Instead we played to 6 other pissed off bands who’d all traveled a long way to play a short set to no one.


Oh, he then had the cheek to ask if he could have some free badges and stickers...

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