Friday, 4 January 2013

Simon. J. Sky / Rash Decision

Name: Simon. J. Sky

Band: Rash Decision (

Where: Staines

We were doing a short week-long burst around the country and we decided to bash out two gigs in one day, starting off with a set in Bristol in the middle of the day as part of an all dayer. We played to nobody... but this is not the bad part.

We then packed up our gear and drove all the way to Staines of all places. Many an Ali G joke was cracked as we made our way to the smallest venue in the known universe. We had high spirits for this show as it was sponsored by a well known Metal magazine, giving us the impression that things would be taken care off. What followed is one of the most harrowing experiences in all of my time playing music.

We arrived and loaded in to a tiny room already filled with the other band's gear. These bands were not exactly the friendliest of people when it came to gear share either. We waited around for what seemed like decades to finally play to one man and his dog whilst getting brutally electrocuted by a dodgy PA!

The rest of the bands decide it's in there best interests not to play, thus ending the gig. We then went in search of the ring leader of this shitstorm only to discover that he had also bailed with the bands!

So  there we were in fucking Staines with no fuel money, no place to crash, no friendly faces and exhausted from playing two sets in one day.

We eventually managed to beg the sound man enough to let us crash at his place and he reluctantly agreed, but he had other things on his agenda so he left us in his tiny flat (which came with its own masturbation station and episode 1 memorabilia) on our own to sleep. However, we ended up awoken on his return at the early hours of the morning to get buck ass naked and watch the Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel Air at full blast for the rest of the night. 

God bless that unusual sound guy for giving us the space to sleep but the sight of his ass and ball bag will haunt my dreams for a lifetime.

It was so awful we even wrote a song about it...

And there's also video of of us talking about the experience too...

Crap gig!

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